Court orders
We were discussing whether to use solicitors for family court. 
Gary Lineker talking about his own divorce experience said, 
"we know that lawyers try to manipulate it to make you spend more money and basically end up hating each other" 
Heather Mills when she was going through her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney did not use solicitors. She conducted her divorce with the support of McKenzie Friends
If you are facing a murder charge, instruct a solicitor and a barrister because you can rest assured that CPS will be using one. The criminal court is adversarial and your barrister is your gladiator. 
Look out, revelation coming... 
Family court does not operate that way. Family court is process driven. The process is clearly laid out. What is determined in family court, whatever is decided in family court is a result of the process. 
Integral to the process is CAFCASS (Children And Family Court Advisory Support Service). It is the recommendations of this agent to the court which, more often than not, are adopted as the outcome to the case. 
The court embraces open dialogue and fair exchange. The role of a solicitor is to interpret the law and convince a court to accept their interpretation. This interpretation will serve the best interests of their client. 
There is no interpretation in family court. The process drives the outcome. There is no need for interpretation of any law, ergo there is no role for a solicitor. 
Let me finish with an example. A new client joined McKenzie Picave today. They have spent £15,000 so far with a solicitor and have yet to see the inside of a courtroom for their first hearing. I asked why they had chosen to move away from their solicitor and contact me. He said, 
"I just realised that I don't want someone to fight a war for me where my children run the risk of getting covered in their parent's blood. I just want someone to help me get a fair outcome for them, for the children"... 
If you want to know more, contact me. If you are already in the middle of a relationship break up and it feels like a war, contact me. If you want to put your children first and just resolve your differences amicably, contact me. 
Amicable may not be easy for you but that's the bit I do!! 
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