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There is the traditional route to the courtroom. Instruct an expensive solicitor and then they will instruct an expensive barrister. The expensive solicitor will do whatever they can to make sure your argument is fought for you regardless of time lapse, damage to all parties, and cost. The barrister you are paying for will attend every hearing, and at some it will look like they are not doing much because they aren't. The barrister will be briefed by your solicitor so you may not meet them for the first time until an hour before your hearing. Essentially you are going into court with a stranger and being asked to put your trust in them. 
There is McKenzie Picave. We take your instructions and then we involve you in every step of the journey. We discuss all the options and the decisions with you as they arise. We are taking this journey together. Then we do what your solicitor will never do. We use our experience to tell you which battles are worth fighting and which aren't. You may disagree with us but we have a simple objective to get you to the finish line and ensure you are amongst the winners. To get you to the finish line with the minimum of damage. Damage to your mental health, damage to your bank account, damage to your children. 
Barristers? We have a partnership with a Chamber of barristers who cover England and Wales, just as we do. We know our barrister partners. We know how they work and they know how we work. Just as we know them, you will know them. Not an hour before the hearing, but well in advance so you know you can trust them just as you trust us. 

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If you’re not eligible for legal aid, or you’re not in the position to instruct family law solicitors in Leicester, Leicestershire, McKenzie Picave can provide support through the court process. We are an affordable alternative to family solicitors in Leicester, Leicestershire with representation for family issues such as divorce, domestic abuse, parental alienation, and child matters.  
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The definition of a McKenzie friend is someone who assists a litigant in person in a court of law in England and Wales. They do this by prompting, taking notes and quietly giving advice. In certain circumstances with the discretion of the judge or magistrates taking the hearing, a McKenzie friend can speak on your behalf. 
Outside of the courtroom, a McKenzie friend from McKenzie Picave assists in every aspect of your case. In addition to providing legal support, administrative support and access to the best legal advice, McKenzie Picave provide emotional support and are a listening ear at all times. 
Our clients describe us as the best friend and the best professional support they could possibly access. 
So, if you’re looking for common sense advice and mentoring support, get in touch to book your initial, no obligation, free-of-charge consultation. 

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