I want to get divorced but don't know where to start. Can you help? 

There are 3 strands to divorce and McKenzie Picave can help with all of them. In divorce, you must consider any children involved and cater for them in terms of how and when they see each parent. You must consider how the children are to be paid for. You must end the legal aspect of your marriage and finally, you must divide the marital assets fairly. These are all elements that McKenzie Picave can do with you. Booking a free consultation will give you the opportunity to understand how the journey will unfold. 

Someone told me that McKenzie Friends are free to use but you charge fees? 

McKenzie Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes someone will take their best friend into court with them and say they are a McKenzie Friend giving emotional support, which is great. McKenzie Picave is an alternative to instructing a solicitor. We have the same knowledge as a solicitor but we operate outside the legal profession. We do not receive any government funding and we cannot access the legal aid system, so charging fees is something we need to do. We try and keep those fees as reasonable as we can but we do have staff costs, building costs, insurances and so on. At McKenzie Picave, we offer premium quality legal advice and support and 'own brand' value for money. 

I have to go to Civil Court because of a property dispute with my neighbour but I cannot afford a solicitor, what do you suggest? 

We suggest you contact McKenzie Picave and book in for a free consultation. We are a value for money alternative to expensive solicitors and lawyers. We will work on your case outside court with you and be right by your side in court. 

My wife has accused me of domestic violence and the court has awarded her a Non-Molestation Order but I don't know what that means? 

Some people are more familiar with a Non-Molestation Order if we refer to it as a restraining order. It provides a series of conditions that you must abide by usually involving not going to the address where your wife lives and not attempting to contact her. You can challenge a Non-Molestation Order if you genuinely believe it has been awarded in error or maliciously. The impact of an Order is it might keep you away from your home so you must find somewhere else to live or it might keep you away from your children. McKenzie Picave can help, so get in touch. 

My Landlord has served me with a Section 21 and told me I need to leave immediately. I don't know what to do? 

At McKenzie Picave, we appreciate that landlords, in the main, want to protect their investment and be fair with their tenants. Sometimes, however, they can be quite aggressive and that is where tenants need some support. We work on behalf of both tenants and landlords. We support our clients through the Civil Court system to ensure that whatever needs to happen, it occurs fairly and without undue aggression. Whether the process involves a Section 21 or a Section 8, it can be managed courteously. 

My partner and I have split up and I just want to see my children but she is saying no, what can I do about it? 

Working with McKenzie Picave, you can apply to the Family Court for a Child Arrangement Order. The Order will provide a framework for you to see your children. It will dictate where they live and with you. It will also dictate when the other parent sees the children, how often, whether it is an overnight stay and so on. The Order can also be used to reinforce your parental responsibility so decisions about the children are taken jointly and not just by one partner. Booking a free consultation with us will allow you to understand this journey and if you want to begin, we will there every step of the way. 
“Of course, they will let you in Court” 
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