Sensible Structuring for Children Length of Case – 9 months 

By the time Wayne approached Daniel Picave, he had already had an initial consultation with a solicitor. The solicitor had promised Wayne that they would do everything in their power to ensure that he won the dispute with his estranged wife. Wayne came to see Daniel Picave because the costs suggested by the solicitor for them to win the dispute for him were significant, so he wanted to explore an alternative. 
He was somewhat surprised when the team at Daniel Picave said they had no intention of winning any dispute for him. Daniel Picave does not use the combative, aggressive approach of a solicitor in Family Court matters. It is unnecessary. It is undesirable. It is destructive. By working with Daniel Picave, Wayne would be guided through a process in a calm manner with the sole intention of negating the need for dispute and focusing on the priority, Wayne’s children. 
Wayne chose to have Daniel Picave alongside him through the CAFCASS and Family Court process and the various matters were decided in the best interests of all concerned. As a footnote to this case, once an agreement had been reached as to how the children would be parented jointly by Wayne and Carla; the couple then embarked on couples therapy through Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling. It is early days but the family is a combined unit once more. 

The Upset of Eviction Length of case – 2 years 

Dawn had lived in a rented property for 3 years. She was self-employed. For the first two years, she made her rental payments every month without interruption. Towards the end of the second year, two things impacted on Dawn. Firstly, a bout of ill health prevented her from working for 3 months and secondly the property began to show the signs of severe damp. Dawn began to struggle to pay her rent and quickly fell into arrears. Her Landlord ignored her requests for any repairs to be carried out on the damp due to the rent arrears. Over the course of 9 months, the arrears spiralled to over £6000 and the damp was so bad in the property that it resulted in Dawn developing respiratory problems. 
As Dawn approached her third anniversary in the property, the Landlord commenced Court proceedings to have her evicted. Dawn approached Daniel Picave to help as a Lay Advocate. Over the course of 2 years, Dawn and the Landlord attended 5 hearings with a complex framework of claims and counterclaims. Daniel Picave assisted Dawn in researching her options at each stage of the protracted process and taking the sensible steps. The final outcome was for Dawn to agree to surrender the keys to the property and relocate to a new address. The rental arrears and all legal costs assigned to her were offset against the award she received from the court for damage to her health and property as a result of the poor condition of the property. 

Navigating The Benefits System Length of case – 3 months 

Geoff had a degenerative condition which was eroding his independence year on year. He had tried on two previous occasions to claim some benefits to assist his financial position. He had failed on both occasions because the process was just too complicated and complex. A friend suggested he contact Daniel Picave to help. 
Over the course of 3 months, Daniel Picave compiled a compelling case of evidence to secure Geoff the Personal Independence Payment that he deserved. The final award also included an element of ‘arrears’ to recognise the history of Geoff’s case. 

Combatting Violence Length of case – 12 months 

Carolyn had been in a relationship for 6 years. She had a child as a result of this relationship and a child from a previous relationship. Both children lived with her and her partner. The domestic violence and psychological abuse had started after the birth of the second child. Carolyn reached a point after tolerating it for 3 years where she felt the children were at risk. The episodes of violence had become more frequent and Carolyn felt, for the first time, that the children might also be hurt at the hand of her partner. 
After being recommended to Daniel Picave by a friend, Carolyn worked with us and we secured a Non-Molestation order. The Order prevented the partner from visiting the address where Carolyn and the children were living for 9 months. During that time, Carolyn supported by Daniel Picave worked with the Family Court and other agencies to establish a framework for a future without violence. 

Mitigating a Driving Ban Length of case – 3 months 

Gwen has been driving for 14 years. She is a project manager for a large construction firm. Extensive driving is integral to her role as she travels the country visiting sites. Gwen’s attitude when she approached Daniel Picave about a forthcoming hearing to decide on a speeding offence was one of resignation. She saw speeding offences almost as an occupational hazard and she had amassed 9 points before this latest incident. 
Daniel Picave was quick to explain that her attitude was going to earn her a driving ban. Gwen had not told her employer about her latest speeding offence. Working with Daniel Picave, Gwen secured a reference from her employer highlighting that she was a valued employee but making the point that driving was essential to her continued employment. Working alongside Daniel Picave and ahead of the hearing, Gwen prepared a mitigation statement which firstly acknowledged the offence and then outlined the implication of a driving ban on her career and personal finances. 
Gwen was given the opportunity to read out the statement and present the letter from her employer to the bench of Magistrates. She received a further 3 points taking her licence total to 12 points but with the sanctioning of the Court to continue driving. She also received a fine. 
“Of course, they will let you in Court” 
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