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Financial Arrangements In Leicester, Leicestershire 

What are the financial arrangements after a divorce? The financial arrangements between you and your ex-partner to separate your money and assets once the marriage is over can be complicated. This is where McKenzie Picave can help. Financial settlement can only be agreed by the court once the Decree Nisi has been granted and the couple are provisionally divorced. 

Financial Arrangements In Leicester, Leicestershire 

With Legal Aid virtually unavailable, and excessive solicitors fees, our experienced team can help support you through the process of financial arrangements. We are dedicated to supporting you through your court proceedings, both in and out of court. McKenzie Picave provides assistance with financial arrangements after divorce, enabling you to understand the percentage split of joint assets. 
A fully contested court hearing about financial arrangements often entails expensive legal costs. Sadly, in this case, the only winners seem to be the lawyers. It can also be a slow process, taking time to get to a final hearing, so a negotiated settlement, enabled by McKenzie Picave, would help all parties concerned. 
Our team is committed to providing strong legal advice and support to help you with financial arrangements - divorce, after marriage breakdown. Complete the contact form today and we’ll help you with the financial journey through your divorce. 

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