The trials & tribulations of real life. 

The joy of success. The excruciating pain of failure. The lightheaded giddiness of love. The emptiness of loss. The uncharted waters of relationship break ups. The stress and anxiety of legal conflict. At McKenzie Picave, we bring functionality to what we offer through the dysfunctionality of what we have felt and what we have experienced. Through all the complexities and the creativity of what we do for our clients, we just seek to be fair and just and deserving of your trust. 
McKenzie Picave is in the people business. We could not work as well as we do without the incredible talent, experience and sensitivity of our team. Each member is a cornerstone of the organisation and they form the support mechanism that our clients come to rely on. The team is headed up by Dan Ryan, who has been a McKenzie Friend for several years. Dan has worked extensively in both the Family Court and the Civil Court. 
Dan’s approach is empathetic and sensitive and his view is that our clients do not come to us in order to leave without tangible change. Ensuring that positive change shapes our client interaction is his primary objective. Dan is also the strategic lead in the Daniel Picave counselling business, so the opportunity for these two businesses to work together on a case is not missed. 

The Pursuit of Happiness 

McKenzie Picave is a vocal advocate of the pursuit of happiness. We seek to banish an agenda of conflict and hatred from family law disputes. We believe that couples breaking up have to focus on the needs of any children involved through positive co-parenting and not simply pursue a desire to score points or cause distress to a former partner; often at the expense of the children.  
This desire for positive interaction and turning away from conflict driven encounters is also our approach for civil cases.  
We will always strive to strike the fairest outcome for all concerned. 
“Not the stag do I was expecting...” 
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