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A study into the state of the mental health of young adults by Direct Line and Mind, the mental health charity, has turned out some sobering results. Only 10% of young adults love themselves completely, with 95% saying that they felt anxious in the last 12 months, with 21% experiencing these feelings all the time. 
The study also found that 26% of 18 year olds felt unwilling to discuss their mental health with anyone at all, with 6% of the broader category of 'young adults' feeling uncomfortable about the prospect of talking to someone about their mental health. 
70% of young adults feel lonely, even when around peers, friends, or work colleagues, and 83% remarked that they felt they had less energy than they used to. 
The research shows that 59% of young adults turn to music to improve their mood, finding it makes them feel less lonely. 65% of those asked said they believed musicians to be a force for good in opening up discussions around mental health. Music has been seen to be a vital outlet. 
This highlights the need for further resources and support to assist the younger generations in navigating complex challenges, as well as the fact that discussing mental health openly and honestly is a positive step to take. Encouraging communication, where a young adult may be bottling up their feelings, is important, particularly as we now know only 10% of young adults love themselves, an alarmingly low figure. 
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