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A woman who married the ghost of a Victorian soldier has revealed that they have now divorced. The 40-year-old woman from Oxfordshire insists she met Edwardo after the ghost burst into her bedroom one night during a storm. After their wedding on Halloween 2022, things went downhill. 
Edwardo apparently grew more aggressive, and began to haunt his wife with the cries of a screaming baby. This was not the final straw, however. The woman grew tired of the ghost’s inconsistency, and became annoyed by his ‘unsettling fascination’ with Marilyn Monroe, who had apparently been present in the chapel on their wedding day. Edwardo would allegedly disappear for days at a time, and then return smelling of Chanel No. 5, the famous perfume associated with Monroe. 
She started to see warning signs when her husband got ‘too drunk’ (presumably on spirits) on their honeymoon to Barry Island, in Wales, and so the woman consulted a psychic to learn how to assert her boundaries. After concluding there would be no positive end to the relationship, she revisited the chapel in which they were married to exorcise Edwardo. Since the exorcism, the woman reports feeling more light and joyful, and has not seen Edwardo since. 
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