Court orders
Does it feel good to raise your hand to her? 
Does it feel good to tower over her and see her cower? 
Does it feel like you are in control? 
Do you feel like the master? 
Do you see the bruises as trophies? 
Do you see the discoloured and broken skin as a canvas? 
Will you walk tall when other men know you beat her? 
When you raise your hand, can you feel humanity ebb away? 
Daniel Picave works with a number of cases where domestic violence and intimidation is an unacceptable feature. The securing of a non-molestation order can help to break the cycle. 
A non-molestation order is a special injunction that aims to prevent a partner or former partner from harming you or your children. By harm, we mean actual or the threat of physical violence, any form of harassment or intimidation, as well as psychological abuse. 
Through our counselling service, we will also try to open a dialogue with the abusive partner or former partner to help them rationalise and control their actions. 
Daniel Picave provides financial support and resource to Refuge, the charitable organisation supporting the struggle against domestic violence. 
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