Court orders
We all harbour angels and demons... 
Why are we so incapable of communicating with each other? 
Let me tell you about Rebecca and Wayne (not their real names). 
Their son is 9 years old. They split up when he was about 10 months old. 
In the 8 years which have rolled past since, the 96 months which have lapsed, Rebecca and Wayne have spent 84 months of those fighting. They have used the family court system to battle for what is in the "best interests" of their son, the division of time and contact between his parents. 
Rebecca and Wayne have used every tool and resource available to the family court to try and win the argument. 
Rebecca said Wayne was unstable, so Wayne had to privately fund a psychological evaluation and present it to the court. 
Wayne said Rebecca had deliberately made their son wholly dependent on her and rejecting of his father. Rebecca funded a psychological evaluation of the son to demonstrate he was fine. 
The case notes for the son prepared by Social Services over the years amount to 500 pages. Every picture he has ever drawn is submitted to court with some self serving analysis that he is stable, unstable, happy or disturbed. 
During conversations with his school mates, the son does not reference holidays or Christmas, he references the last hearing or the last time he saw his Dad in a contact centre when a lady sat next to them and recorded everything they said. 
The son is now having weekly therapy. Rebecca is now having weekly therapy. Wayne is now having weekly therapy. 
Wayne is a client of McKenzie Picave. He entirely 
disagrees with my view that he has destroyed his son's childhood and potentially scarred him for life. He entirely disagrees with my view that the purpose of 84 months of fighting is so he can win the argument and his son is just a casualty. 
Sometimes we need to stop feeling like the angel and accept that maybe we are contributing as the demon too. 
Tell someone you love them today. Tell someone you are sorry. 
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