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Cohabitation Lawyers In Leicester, Leicestershire 

Why might you need cohabitation lawyers? Many couples live together without being married or having a civil partnership. However, while some people understand the various implications of cohabitation, many don’t realise the lack of legal protection in the event of a partner dying or if they separate. At McKenzie Picave, we can advise on a family law cohabitation agreement between unmarried couples who are living together. 
Cohabitation family law rights are not clear. The law that applies when a dispute occurs can be difficult to apply. 
Here at McKenzie Picave, we advise individuals on all forms of cohabitation family law. 

Cohabitation Agreement Solicitor 

McKenzie Picave provides support and assistance for you and your partner rather than using an expensive cohabitation agreement solicitor. If you are currently living together, you should ensure your financial rights are protected, and you have a cohabitation living together agreement. This is particularly important if your property is owned rather than rented. 
McKenzie Picave, rather than using an expensive cohabitation solicitor, will support you in your decision of what you would want to happen with the equity in your home and other significant assets if you did split up. 
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