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Tenant Lawyers In Leicester, Leicestershire 

At McKenzie Picave, we can provide an alternative to a tenant lawyer to assist a ‘Litigant in Person’ in a court of law in England and Wales. As a McKenzie Friend, we come to the aid of the landlord who is representing themselves, rather than using a landlord tenant lawyer, and advise them on what the law says and how it will affect them. 
The legal system is designed for eviction lawyers and landlord lawyers, so it will be an unfamiliar environment for the landlord who may find the court process daunting. We can offer sound advice and a sensible approach coupled with a realistic outcome in mind. This will normally result in less expense and far less stress than when dealing with landlord and tenant solicitors. 

Tenant Solicitors in Leicester 

Unlike tenant lawyers and tenant solicitors, we have no automatic rights of audience before the court. However, in certain situations and with the judge’s permission, we can talk on your behalf. We are professional and without prejudice. If at any time it is felt that your case is not within our expertise, then we will let you know and refer you back to property rental lawyers or landlord solicitors. 
If you have already spoken to a tenant lawyer or a tenant eviction lawyer and can’t afford the costs involved or you just need some basic assistance, McKenzie Picave may be right for you. Fill in the contact form today and we'll help you solve your situation. 

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