Court orders
It's been rough, hasn’t it? All of us have suffered loss. For some of us it was the loss of convenience or liberty. For some of us it was the loss of loved ones. We just need a hug. The whole world just needs a hug when it is safe to do so. That will be soon. That has to be soon. In the meantime, we should give a pat on the back to those who have endured these challenging times so it has been less arduous for others. The NHS, obviously, just beyond words admiration. The Fire service. The Police service. The girl behind the till. The guy in the petrol station. The teams in warehouses. Our parents. Our children. All those that we don’t even realise did anything at all. The train driver. The engineer in the middle of a Saturday night fixing the track for the train driver. The person putting traffic cones out. The person pulling traffic cones in. Whoever it was who made sure that I could still get my favourite doughnut every day. Obviously, I didn’t have one every day, I am not a pig… but most days. Those who lost their jobs because the world stopped. Those who kickstarted their lives because the world stopped. Those who represent faith. Those who help us to understand what just happened. To those who behaved responsibly. To those who behaved irresponsibly. Thank you to all of us. 
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