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At McKenzie Picave, we can only work with a small number of clients at any one time. We do that so we can really get to know you. We hate the practice of picking up client notes five minutes before you walk into a room so we remind ourselves who you are. 
So, because we only work with a small number of clients, we only make a small number of appointments available for new clients. In fact, we have a waiting list of clients who have contacted us and are waiting for an appointment. 
Taking all that into account, you can imagine how frustrating it is when a new client does not turn up for a scheduled first appointment and does not contact us to let us know. It is a waste of the appointment time and it takes the opportunity away from someone else to make contact with us. 
We appreciate that things change and diaries change. We appreciate that you get cold feet and decide not to attend. We don't appreciate that you don't do us the courtesy of letting us know beforehand. We are in practice to make ourselves available to people. We can't do that if people prevent us by booking an appointment and simply not attending. Moan over.  
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