Court orders
Yes, I agree it was insightful and so yet again, the guru that you are, you predicted reactions and emotions and even phrases months before they take place. I am not surprised. Do you want me to be surprised or impressed because I am neither. 
You have always had the ability to read people, it has kept you in clients for a good few years and kept you alive on a couple of occasions. What would you have me do? Rejoice? Have tee shirts printed? Book the Albert Hall perhaps and you can do live readings to a packed crowd. 
Get over it, you read someone, you got it right. That is nothing new. What is new and where this conversation should be going is you read someone with a direct link to you. Having said that, what is really interesting is that amidst all this reading, you have totally missed the situation unfolding right under your own nose. 
Your own attitude is wobbling, your resolve shifting, I may even detect a softening in those hard lines which keep you divided from the world. Those hard lines which have kept you divided from people in your world. 
I have watched as you have stared down some potentially ugly situations. I have been close as you have kept everyone else away just to avoid the honesty and intimacy which might leave you vulnerable. Oh and don't get me started on the shiny things. Chase, chase, chase, own, dull. 
Each of them, if we are being honest, a trophy to your vanity. I accept and applaud the fact you know what you are and you know how the litany of disasters has occurred along the way. So, here is interesting. 
Here is a story where the plotline is out of your hands in parts and where you normally resolve that by seizing it, you aren't, why aren't you? I have been witness to negotiation albeit light-hearted, albeit tentative but negotiation all the same and my exalted guru, you do not negotiate. 
You set the pace, you call the shots and you win, you always win, so what is this? Acceptance of what you have been and then a revised version of sorts. A mellowed version. Not so sure of your ground here and this is a new place for us to be. So rather than gaining surety through whatever means, you are almost accepting this new dimension. 
Where are you looking? What are you looking at? If you sit with people and are so very insightful as to their crimes and failings, give me your insight now. Look at this situation where you are far from leading the parade and tell me what you see. Tell me what you want. Surprise me by using words you have never used before and introduce themes you have never introduced before. Surely, someone has not finally got under your skin... 
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