What is a MIAM?
A MIAM is a Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting. The MIAM will last about an hour and will give you an opportunity to tell the mediator about your situation. It will allow you to identify the issues that need to be decided. The mediator will tell you about the mediation process and other options for reaching agreements. 
Once the meeting is over, the mediator will tell you whether your case is suitable for mediation, and you can decide whether you want to proceed with mediation or explore another option for resolving issues. An alternative option might be relationship counselling. 
Relationship counselling can be used to manage the breaking up of a relationship in order that hurt and damage is kept to the minimum. 
If you agree, the mediator might also refer you to other organisations who can help you, such as those who can offer debt advice, or information about how to parent co-operatively after separation, where these are relevant. 
If you have children over the age of 10, the mediator will discuss with you their rights to have their views taken into account. This is an important part of the process designed to support the health and well-being of the children as well as to help parents come to good workable decisions. 
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