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So, what does that mean? A Litigant in Person (sometimes shortened to an LiP) are unrepresented or self-represented litigants or parties. This means they have not commissioned the use of any formal legal representation. There are no solicitors or barristers working on their behalf. A LiP must deal with a legal system which is designed for legally qualified representatives and as a result, that system is complex and at times, confusing. 
 The decision to act as a Litigant in Person rather than utilise the expertise of legal representation is often a financial one. The cost of legal representation is just too prohibitive and there is no external funding available. 
 Daniel Picave, McKenzie Friend is immensely impressed by anyone taking the brave decision to represent themselves in a legal dispute but LiPs can be extremely disadvantaged in court. An LiP supported by a McKenzie Friend can change the dynamic favourably. 
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