Indirect Court Order
It’s finally here! We have been working on this kit for a few months now, and it’s finally ready to go. 
We work with many parents who are given an indirect contact order by the courts with their children, meaning they cannot see them face to face. You can send letters, postcards, photographs, but no ‘live’ instant communication is allowed. A pattern emerged where many parents struggled to know where to start with their letters, they were sending maybe two or three lines, or in many cases, not sending anything at all. Not because they didn’t want to contact their child, but because they didn’t know how to. This is where the kit comes in. 
It includes a parent’s how-to guide, with our tips on engagement, content, and overcoming obstacles, as well as example letters for you, so you can get some ideas on where to start with your own letters. It also includes a scrapbook that can be sent backwards and forwards between you and your child, with space for your letters, drawings, and photos, as well as some puzzles and games to play with each other.  
The idea is to make the indirect contact order as positive an experience as possible. The kit also includes some toys, craft materials, and lots of stickers for you to customise your scrapbook with. We also send you 20 brightly coloured envelopes, so your letters will really stand out against the rest of the post on the mat. 
We hope that this will increase the likelihood of your children engaging with the process, as well as removing the barriers that come with an indirect court order, whether that is the other parent, or if you are standing in your own way, not knowing where to begin. 
We go into more detail over on our Youtube channel, where we have posted a video all about Special Delivery and indirect contact orders, so go and take a look, search for McKenzie Picave, and make sure to subscribe! 
We offer the main kit at £49.99, which includes everything mentioned above, and we also offer the top up kit at £19.99, which we suggest if you have more than one child. This includes more craft materials so there is enough to go round. 
Order now by sending us an email at 
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