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How can a private investigator help a neglected child? 
Despite living in a time with so much technology, as well as safeguarding procedures and processes, we still continually find children and young people exposed to the risk of neglect, abandonment, and assault. In a society where the welfare support system is under huge financial strain and lacks resources, mistakes are often made, with opportunities being missed and children being left to face the consequences. This is why it is becoming more common for people to hire private investigation companies, who are able to act more quickly than the already stretched public services. 
A statistics briefing from NSPCC, published in 2021, states that, "It's difficult to measure exactly how many children in the UK experience neglect. However, research with 2275 young people aged 11-17 about their experiences of neglect suggests around 1 in 10 children in the UK have been neglected." 
The key findings from the data are: 
Neglect is the most common form of abuse 
Concerns around neglect have been identified for half of children who are the subject of a child protection plan or on a child protection register in the UK 
The number of police recorded child cruelty offences is increasing 
Neglect is the most commonly mentioned form of abuse by adults contacting the NSPCC helpline 
We are all familiar with government ministers stating that 'we will learn from our mistakes' and 'we will invest in resources and support', but it is rare that these promises are acted upon. 
It is untrue that only children living in lower social classes face neglect, it can and does happen to all children, regardless of how affluent their families are. 
Hiring a private investigator can often be useful in gathering evidence needed to get justice for a child. These experts know how to gather, preserve, and present evidence that is critical in confirming or disproving allegations. The busy public services often do not act fast enough, so hiring a private company may prove to be more useful. There will be times when evidence is needed, but is not available due to a lack of resources. It has been seen in several cases that a private investigator is a valuable asset to have in these situations, where children need to be protected and actions need to be taken quickly. 
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