Court orders
He was born but he didn't ask to be. 
When you hit him, he didn't ask you to. 
When you ignored him for the first 6 years of his life, he came to terms with it. 
When you said you wanted contact with him, he went along with it. 
When you left him sat in your car for 4 hours while you were in the pub, he waited quietly. 
When you dropped him off back at home and slapped his Mum so hard it cracked her eye socket, he turned away from it. 
When you kicked his dog as it snapped at your heels, he tried not to cry. 
When you went to his Nativity and shouted obscenities at him, he stood still and took it. 
When his Mum went to Court and had you removed from his life, you weren't expecting that. 
When you parade yourself on this platform as some all round good guy, know that I know the truth. 
Truth is like water, it always finds the cracks and seeps out... 
When you need it explaining how you lost your trophies, come and see me and I will fetch the court orders from their file. 
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