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AI McKenzie Friend to help fight a speeding case in court 
Later this month, an artificial intelligence from the company DoNotPay will assist a defendant in court with their speeding case. The AI will run on a phone, listen to everything said in the courtroom, and then instruct the defendant via an earpiece on what they should say. The company DoNotPay initially applied for a McKenzie Friend to be present at the hearing, but did not advise the court that this McKenzie Friend would not be human. 
This got us thinking in the oce this week what the future of hearings might look like. Could the issue be simply typed into a computer, and two AIs argue with each other until a conclusion is reached?  
This worries us a little, as it renders solicitors and McKenzie Friends alike obsolete, and we've all got bills to pay. We don't see this being implemented in the Family Court any time soon, those issues strike us as too complex to be summarised by an AI, but with the ever advancing science behind artificial intelligence, you never know.  
Perhaps one day, you wouldn't even need to attend court, you would just apply for your hearing and then the verdict be texted to you a few hours later. It would certainly save on fuel costs, if nothing else. 
If an AI was able to access all case law and established precedent during a hearing, and could search through it all to find what best to say next, we wonder how this could aect hearings going forward. Certainly something to think about this morning... 
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